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Blacktown Anglican Child Care Centre (BACCC) strongly supports and values the National Quality Framework and ensures a Quality Improvement Plan is developed and maintained on a regular basis by all stakeholders.

BACCC aims to provide young children with opportunities and environments that foster the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) being, belonging and becoming principles.

BACCC believes in:

  • Providing warm and friendly environments
  • Creating an environment that is reflective of the diversity within the community.
  • Utilising the environment as a 'third teacher', rich in open ended resources, where educators value each child as strong, capable and resilient. 
  • Supporting children and families with children who require additional support.
  • Respecting the rights of the child.
  • Advocating for our profession including the rights of the educators.
  • Providing safe physical environments that encourage children to engage in risky play and manage their own risks.
  • Embedding sustainable practices throughout every aspect of the service.
  • Providing meals and menus that are fresh, nutritional and well balanced and in line with the Munch and Move Program.
  • Educators increasing their knowledge and skills throughout their professional lives.
  • Embedding Christian values within the service - fundamentally 'love', 'respect' and 'acceptance of others'.
  • Affirming the worth of every individual in the eyes of God.
  • God loves and creates every person individually.
  • God giving each of His people specific gifts, skills and talents to use to the benefit of others and the Church as a whole.
  • Caring for the needs of others, in response to God’s gifts to us, as God commands us to do.
  • Each of God’s people having the opportunity to use their gifts, skills and talents in showing God’s care to others.
  • God affording all people dignity and respect, which entitles them to privacy and confidentiality and an environment in which they feel secure and accepted.
  • God demanding our accountability in providing responsive and effective services.