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Cooking with Karen

Karen is our Service Cook and she is passionate about cooking with our children and educating them about good nurtition. Aside from making all the delicious and nutritionally balanced meals for our centre, you will often see Karen interacting with the children in their rooms and the outdoor environment, teaching them about growing food, harvesting food and cooking food. 


Karen chooses recipes that are derived from children's interest in play and creates these intimate learning experiences to teach children a range of skills including risk management, numeracy, literacy, problem solving, concentration and much more. She teaches the children to use 'real' utensils including our kiddicutter knives during each cooking session. She also encourages the children to collect fresh produce from the garden and chickens to be used in her recipes. 


Karen aims to provide children with experiences that will ensure their succes in preparing for big school and hopes that these independent self help skills will be benificial to their home lives as well. Karen has had more than 15 years in the food industry and is a mother of two grown children. She fully understands and appreciates the impact that healthy eating habits has on brain development and its direct relationship to ensuring children's education is a succesful journey.